Who are we?

The Eden Valley Artists Network (EVAN) is a network created by a group of artists who felt the need within the local area for artistic developmental opportunities and promotion, that would bring wider benefit to communities in the North Lakes, West Lakes and Eden Valley (North of Cumbria).

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and accessible to everyone, and work hard to break down barriers and judgment around engagement with art for both practitioners and audiences.

The network is currently made up of around 170 artists, which covers amateurs through to creative professionals. It was formed in 2016, with the first exhibition held in October that year. In 2017, we opened a gallery in Penrith that November, which exists alongside 6 gallery studio spaces that supports over 50 artists. The gallery displays original art by these local artists, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. In 2021 we have added the adjacent building, Gallery 4a, which is a hirable space alongside holding community art events. As well as exhibitions, selling fairs and social media promotion of members’ work, EVAN’s activities include hosting a website with resources and daily posts, social events, online workshops, a monthly newsletter, group visits, and an annual Open Studio Art Trail that supports around 50 artists. 

EVAN is active in supporting the local music ecology through a touring music network, where local musicians play in local venues.

EVAN Spring Open Exhibition 2024

Are you an artist living in Cumbria? Why not join us?

If you’d like to be part of a group of local artists then get in touch via our website or call in at the EVAN Gallery, 4 Corney Place, Penrith CA11 7PX.

Membership of EVAN offers a range of marketing, sales, exhibition, collaboration, networking and social benefits, opening up a number of opportunities for you as an artist/creative professional living in Cumbria.

If you’d like to keep in touch with what’s going on in EVAN then simply subscribe to our mailing list on our website or leave your details at the EVAN Gallery.

Visit us on-line or follow us on social media.